Virgo february 28 horoscope

Good eating habits are likely to bring a sea change in your health. A family youngster is likely to make you proud. A vacation is likely to materialise and promises oodles of fun. Love Focus: Your efforts may not be good enough to make your romantic relationship blossom. Desire for change from the daily grind may motivate you for a short vacation. You will be able to complete all paperwork for developing a property.

Patience will be required on the academic front to choose the best options. You will enjoy whatever you are tasked to do on the professional front. A run of good luck promises to bring you into a lot of money. A property dispute is likely to be decided in your favour. Maintaining pace on the academic front will not prove too difficult. An initiative taken on the professional front is likely to bring in encouraging results.

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You may get into the saving mode with the aim of buying something big. Keeping a regular good daily routine will be your key to good health.

A kitty party or a get-together is on the cards and will prove most enjoyable. Property issues will be decided in your favour. Someone in the family may motivate you to give your best on the academic front. Excellent news awaits those looking for a better job. Intellectual pursuits are likely to give you immense satisfaction. You will manage to impose self-discipline in your dietary habits to remain healthy. A tiring journey is foreseen for some. Property matters will be decided in your favour.

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You will need to be more outgoing to make your mark on the academic front. Your financial condition is set to improve dramatically, as money comes to you from many sources. Consistency and performance on the professional front is likely to take you places on the professional front. Your love life is likely to rock and health will remain excellent. Love Focus: A match making process promises to get a suitable mate for your own self or for someone eligible.

A property deal is likely to swing your way. Developments on the academic front will be to your satisfaction. Something that you had initiated at work will prove an asset for the organisation. Some more avenues of earning are likely to open up soon and make you financially secure.

Good diet and a healthy lifestyle promise to keep you fit and energetic. Spouse may crave for change and can pester you for the same, so pack your bags for someplace exciting. Follow more stories on Facebook and Twitter. Sonia Gandhi calls Sharad Pawar, sends top team to seal Maharashtra deal. Sena to move SC against Maharashtra Governor denying request for time.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope

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Today has some positive potential and some challenging potential, too. But it's easy to tap into the best opportunities: In a word, relax. Any time you feel yourself getting tense over work, in a conversation or in any other situation, do what you can to calm down and loosen up. Getting stubborn won't get you anywhere now. So breathe deeply, smile, and find a way to cooperate.

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You're in your element today. Expect good dreams while you sleep and a feeling of serenity when you wake up.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope - Monthly Predictions – Virgo November Horoscope

This could be a welcome relief, since your mind usually moves at the speed of light! Enjoy the sensation of calm, well-ordered thoughts. It's a great day to do some long-term planning. You're as sensible as ever, plus you're composed. This helps you view challenges with poise, and work through them efficiently. Your creative streak broadens today. You may find yourself attracted to natural materials and textures.

If you're an artist of any kind, it's a perfect time to work with raw fibers or other elements of the natural world. It's also a great day simply to appreciate nature. Head outdoors, or take a few moments to gaze out the window at the setting sun. Appreciating beauty is a creative act in itself! Today, your need for emotional security is heightened. This may be tied to measurable, tangible things like money, cozy surroundings, or the solid comfort of a loved one's hug. There's nothing wrong with working hard to bring in a decent paycheck or enjoying the physical side of love. But if you're feeling a little insecure, perhaps you should look at the root cause of those emotions.

See what's going on within your heart. Routines are highlighted today. You find it when you surrender to the habitual processes of your daily life. Think of it this way: When you're performing a mundane task you've done a million times, like washing the dishes, your mind is allowed to wander far and wide.

Some serious creativity can spring from the very tasks you consider most tedious! Hard work comes easily to you today, but don't spend the whole day at the office. Just because you're capable of putting in long hours doesn't mean you should! Find time for some relaxation. Schedule it in, if you have to. Take at least an hour or two to unwind. Hang out with a friend, go for a walk or do something creative. Nature and physical pleasures are especially centering.

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Relaxation is key today. If you can stay flexible and easygoing, you're in for an enjoyable time. But it's all too easy now to get a little tense, especially if you encounter someone whose views differ dramatically from your own. Usually you're quite open to personal differences -- in fact, you champion them.

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But today, lots of folks need the security of familiar company. That could extend to you. It's easy today to interact naturally with the world around you. Your physical senses are heightened, which makes tactile pleasures even more sensually appealing than usual. Sleep in or take a nap if you can -- purely for the pleasure of luxuriating in soft pillows and clean sheets!

Physical movement feels wonderful now, too. Dancing or yoga can center you in your body and work your muscles while expressing your vivid imagination. Today your mind speeds ahead like a race car, your thoughts shiny and enticing. You have plenty of initiative, which is important if you're getting a new project off the ground. But your follow-through may be lacking at the moment. That's okay -- it's a day for beginnings, for some uncertainty. Chase down ideas to see where they lead.