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Air — Libra, Aquarius, Gemini quick and animated, tendency to intellectualize feelings. Earth — Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo quiet and slow reactions, slow to change emotionally. However, a phenomenon called precession has altered the position of the constellations we see today and has resulted in a shift of the zodiac constellations. The first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere was once marked by the zero point of the Zodiac.

Astronomers call this the vernal equinox and it occurs as the ecliptic and celestial equator intersect on approximately March Around B.

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Unbeknownst to the ancient astrologers, Earth continually wobbles around its axis in a 25,year cycle. This wobble — called precession — is caused by the gravitational attraction of the moon on Earth's equatorial bulge. Over the past two-and-a-half millennia, this wobble has caused the intersection point between the celestial equator and the ecliptic to move west along the ecliptic by 36 degrees, or almost exactly one-tenth of the way around, to the border of Pisces and Aquarius.

This means that the signs have slipped one-tenth — or almost one whole month — of the way around the sky to the west, relative to the stars beyond. For instance, those born between March 21 and April 19 consider themselves to be Aries. Today, the sun is no longer within the constellation of Aries during much of that period. From March 11 to April 18, the sun is actually in the constellation of Pisces! The table below lists the dates when the sun is actually within the astronomical constellations of the Zodiac, according to modern constellation boundaries and corrected for precession these dates can vary a day from year to year.

You will most likely find that once precession is taken into account, your Zodiac sign is different. And if you were born between Nov.

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The ecliptic passes through the constellation of Ophiuchus after Scorpius. You seek to change your lifestyle frequently in tandem with the changing times. As such, you are often on top of your game. You are indefatigable when it comes to pursuing what you believe in. Also, you value your personal progress, and you often pause to take stock of your own growth. Being an Aries, you not a person to be pushed around.

Thus, you do not take it kindly when a senior person attempts to make you conform to guidelines you do not ascribe to. You use your good levels of imagination and logic in executing your regular activities. This means that you achieve most of your goals. In fact, you are so ambitious that you rarely miss your mark! You are best suited to work and live in environments where you will be required to transform yourself on a regular basis. Since you are highly adaptable, you can do much good in such environments.

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However, you have a few weaknesses in your personality. These flaws have the potential to hamper your progress. For example, you are tactless when it comes to conflicts. You are unable to use diplomacy to resolve potentially explosive situations. Instead, you prefer to force people to see things your way. Also, you do not handle disappointments well.

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By now, you should know that things cannot always go your way. You need to learn to let go and forge ahead. All in all, the world has a lot in store for you. If you feel that you are not making much headway, then look within you. You are the only person who can release you from the grips of frustration. When you work this out, you will reap the benefits of your great potential. You share the March 21 birthday with many famous people from across the globe. Here are five of them:.


March 21 zodiac people are in the 1st decan of Aries. This decan belongs to those born between March 21 and March The planet Mars plays an important role in this decan. Thus, you exhibit characteristics that belong to this celestial body. You are idealistic, passionate, creative, and enthusiastic. These are the stronger qualities of Aries. Your biggest characteristic is your boundless optimism. It seems that no matter how bleak a situation is, you are able to uplift the spirit of others.

However, you still need to deal with your inability to withstand your personal loss.

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You are yet to master this! You can excel in low-tier management jobs. These jobs will benefit from your consistency and confidence.

However, do not expect much credit for these positions. But, why settle for a low-tier job? People at the top of the tier are paid to see the bigger picture. They carry the vision of the organization.

Plus: What to expect if your birthday is today.

You, on the other hand, are paid to produce results. You have the focus, discipline, consistency, and strength to achieve this. Midnight Blue is the magic color of people born on March Midnight Blue is the color of potential. It signifies strength and transition. This reflects your character. You are strong, but you are in transition. Create peace within yourself to make progress in life.

Love and Compatibility for March 21 Zodiac March 21 zodiac lovers are not only impulsive but also sentimental when it comes to matters of the heart.

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What are the Traits of a Person Born on March 21? Instead, you prefer to force people to see things your way Also, you do not handle disappointments well. Famous People who Share the March 21 Birthday You share the March 21 birthday with many famous people from across the globe.

Your Career Horoscope You can excel in low-tier management jobs. Final Thought… Midnight Blue is the magic color of people born on March Sharing is caring! Share Pin. January 21 Zodiac. March 13 Zodiac.